New Website:

In an effort to preserve, study, and further develop the work of Dr. Rudolf J. Siebert, and the “dialectical religiology” of the Critical Theory of Religion and Society, I have launched a new website. I hope this new website will be useful for scholars and researchers as they study critical theory, political theology, Hegelian philosophy, and other topics that Siebert has written about over the course of the last half century.

Additionally, many of Dr. Siebert’s works will be republished by Ekpyrosis Press, a new academic peer-reviewed publishing house, dedicate to the advancement of dialectical and emancipatory thought in an age of apathy and nationalism. Dr. Siebert’s first book with Ekpyrosis Press, Hegel and the Critical Theory of Religion: Determinate Negation, will be available in the spring of 2021.

Please visit us through the link below:

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