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“Head of John the Baptist” in Carrara marble by the Polish artist Igor Mitoraj (2006). Photographed by Dustin J. Byrd in the Basilica Santa Maria deli Angeli e dei Martiri in 2014.

Dustin J. Byrd is a specialist in political and social theory, with a special emphasis on the Frankfurt School, Critical Theory of Religion, and contemporary Islamic thought.

He received his B.A. (2000) and at Western Michigan University, wherein he studied comparative religion, philosophy, history, and music. He continued his studies at WMU, earning his M.A. in comparative religion (2006), under the mentorship of the critical theorist Rudolf J. Siebert. He received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Social and Political Philosophy in (2017).

Since 2008, he has served as a professor at Olivet College, in Olivet, Michigan, where he teaches courses on philosophy, religion, Arabic, and civilization studies.

In 2018 he was made the Editor-and-Chief of Islamic Perspective Journal, which covers all matters relating to Islam and Muslims. IPJ is a peer-reviewed journal that is published bi-annually by the London Academy of Iranian Studies.

He is the author of numerous books and articles, and has lectured in both the United States and Europe. He is currently conducting research on identitarian movements in Europe and the United States.







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