A Critique of Ayn Rand’s Philosophy of Religion: The Gospel according to John Galt

Ayn Rand’s philosophy has once again found an important part on the American political stage. With the rise of the Tea Party movement, her political and economic philosophy has infused the American public discourse with a new Libertarian vitality. Ironically, many of her new followers identify themselves as committed Christians, a prospect that Rand herself would have rejected. This book critically reviews Rand’s secular-atheist philosophy of religion, which includes her theory of altruism, collectivism, and statism, and asks the questions: How did Ayn Rand become conservative Christians’ favorite atheist?; Can Christianity, or any other prophetic religion, be reconciled with her philosophy of greed, selfishness, and capitalism?; Can one be both a Christian and a dedicated follower of Ayn Rand?; Can one appropriate her political and economic philosophy while rejecting her radical atheism and anti-religious stance?

Lexington Books (2015). ISBN: 978-0739190333. 238 pp. $85.00


This book is available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles, and other critical bookstores.

Out now: Malcolm X: From Political Eschatology to Religious Revolutionary

Edited by Dustin J. Byrd, Olivet College, USA and Seyed Javad Miri, Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Iran

In the year 2015 we remembered the 50th anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination in Harlem, New York. Spurred by the commitment to continue the critical work that Malcolm X began, the scholars represented in the book have analysed the enduring significance of Malcolm X’s life, work and religious philosophy. Edited by Dustin J. Byrd and Seyed Javad Miri, Malcolm X: From Political Eschatology to Religious Revolutionary, represents an important investigation into the religious and political philosophy of one of the most important African-American and Muslim thinkers of the 20th century. Thirteen different scholars from six different countries and various academic disciplines have contributed to our understanding of why Malcolm X is still important fifty years after his death.

Contributors are: Syed Farid Alatas, Dustin J. Byrd, Bethany Beyyette, Louis A. DeCaro, Stephen C. Ferguson, William David Hart, John H. McClendon, Seyed Javad Miri, John Andrew Morrow, Emin Poljarevic, Rudolf J. Siebert, Nuri Tinaz and Yolanda Van Tilborgh.

This book can be purchased on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other revolutionary bookstores. Or, it is available at http://www.brill.com

Brill Academic Publishing (2016) ISBN: 978-9004308671 380pp. $175 (List price)

The paperback is also available through Haymarket Press in Chicago.

Malcolm X Paperback Cover


New Book: Islam in a Post-Secular Society: Religion, Secularity and the Antagonism of Recalcitrant Faith

I am pleased to announce the release of my new book, Islam in a Post-Secular Society: Religion, Secularity and the Antagonism of Recalcitrant Faith, published by Brill (Leiden, Netherlands). This book critically examines the unique challenges facing Muslims in Europe and North America. From the philosophical perspective of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory, this book attempts not only to diagnose the current problems stemming from a marginalization of Islam in the secular West, but also to offer a proposal for a Habermasian discourse between the religious and the secular. By highlighting historical examples of Islamic and western rapprochement, and rejecting the clash of civilization thesis, the author attempts to find a common language between the religious and the secular, which can serve as a vehicle for a future reconciliation.

It is available for purchase on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, and other intelligent bookstores. It can also be found on Brill’s website: http://www.brill.com

Brill Academic Publishing (2016) ISBN: 978-9004325357 356 pp. $178.00 (List price)

The paperback was released by Haymarket Books in Chicago, in late 2017 ($28)





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