New YouTube page dedicated to the work of Rudolf J. Siebert, Critical Theorist of Society and Religion

The link below will bring you to the webpage dedicated to the cataloging of Dr. Rudolf J. Siebert’s lectures, speeches, and talks, for continual research on the Critical Theory of Society and Religion. This is an ongoing project that frequently updates content. As such, we are in the process of gathering all available material: If you have any audio or video of Dr. Siebert you’d like to appear on this YouTube page, feel free to contact me via email:  We would be happy to upload it and share Dr. Siebert’s knowledge, critique, and theories with the world.


Dr. Rudolf J. Siebert is seen here with Dr. Dustin J. Byrd of Olivet College (on the left) and Dr. Michael R. Ott of Grand Valley State University. This photo was taken during the 2016 Critical Theory Conference at Loyola University, John Felice Rome Center in Rome, Italy.

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